Upstate Technology Conference

July 9 - 10, 2019 | 100 Pine Knoll Dr, Greenville, SC 29609

UTC Attendance Information

Recording Session Attendance


 Greenville County Schools Employees and GCS Substitute Teachers

This year, we will be using a new QR code scanning system which will require each GCS employee to have a mobile device.  You can follow these simple steps to record your attendance in a session:

1.  On a mobile device, open a QR Code Reader.  Scan the QR code that is posted in your session.  It is important that you not scan the QR code until you are certain that there is room in the session for you to have a seat.  

2.  Tap to follow the displayed link on your device.

3.  Enter your GCS Employee ID number and confirm your name and session.  It is important that you input your employee number correctly so that you receive credit for the session.  

If you have questions about a session you attended or were unable to use the scanning system to register your attendance in a session, please visit the session scanning tables on the 1st and 2nd floor hallways within one hour of the session you attended.

 Please view the brief tutorial so that you will be familiar with the new system before arriving to UTC. 

Checking Session Attendance


Greenville County Schools Employees and GCS Substitute Teachers

Your session attendance record will be automatically loaded to the GCS professional development system on the portal.  All credit is automatically awarded as renewal points by default.  


  1. Navigate to from Google Chrome.
  2. Enter your GCS network username and password
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.  You should see a list of the sessions you have attended.

  • To change the course record from points to exchange day, click the number 1 under the word point(s) as pictured.
  • If you would like recertification for the session instead of points, slide the toggler to the right.  You will notice that the credit changes from points to exchange day credit.

NOTE:  It is extremely important to check your attendance records following UTC.   

Important Credit Deadline - August 30


 It is extremely important to check your attendance records following UTC.  We often have participants who wait until the first exchange day of the school year to realize they did not request exchange day credit at which point the change can not be made.  After August 30, records will be inaccessible and no further changes can be made to your attendance log.   

Non-Greenville County Schools Employees


All non-Greenville County Schools attendees will be emailed a certificate of attendance after the conference.   Participants will be responsible to list the specific sessions attended as required by his or her school district or organization.