Priority Partners

BridgeTek Solutions is the leading technology partner for the public sector. Our decades of experience and customer focused leadership give organizations a team to trust and rely on.BridgeTek Solutions has decades of experience in designing and deploying the most efficient and cost effective technology solutions for our clients. 

Today, our company culture is total and complete customer service. And as we continue to grow and be recognized by industry peers and business partners we vow to always maintain that sense of personal service and responsibility to our customers.

Camcor, Inc. offers expert guidance and knowledge to help customers like you select the  most effective technology solutions and innovations for your school, office, or home environment. Since 1949, Camcor’s experienced team has prioritized customer service above all else and goes out of their way to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase. 

Our expertise covers all aspects of digital imaging, audio/video, interactive classrooms and multimedia presentations. Whether you need guidance on purchasing a single product or for a classroom or office, our team will be there to assist you.


SCETV offers an array of professional development opportunities for PreK-12 educators.

Search our current courses below, plus learn how we can customize a free hands-on workshop for your school.

You’ve made a serious commitment to classroom technology. Now make sure that investment is safe while also boosting productivity with smart accessories from Kensington. 

We have complete solutions for educators including security access management and education pricing which makes it easy to choose Kensington. And it’s all backed by over 30 years of innovation and a commitment to customer service.

Established in 1990, Lightspeed is dedicated to making a remarkable difference for teachers and students by creating Access to power in-the-moment insights into the learning process. We create access to the teacher's voice for all students in the classroom that isn't there for them without our solutions. We also provide access to authentic student conversations and the learning process that isn't available to the teacher in any other way. At our very core, we aspire to improve the lives of those we touch with our research, products, service and partnerships.